Gulls in Flight

T35 Gulls in Winter 14x12in

T35 Gulls in Winter 14x12in               Sold

The Inner-what is it?  If not intensified sky, hurled about with birds and deep with the winds of homecoming.                                                                         Rainer Maria Rilke

‘Gannets Diving, Ailsa Craig’ watercolour 29 x 22 in
Q6 Blackheadeed Gulls Display 27 x 20in
‘Gannets, Paps of Jura’ watercolour on Khadi paper 12 x 11 1/2 in
Gannets near Eigg 10 x 10 in watercolour
Q8 Blackheaded gulls in Flight 27 x 22 Oil £1250
P20 Herring Gulls 19 x 16
‘Terns, Loch Drom na Bhuie watercolour 21 x 14in